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Beaver Sleepover – 14th October 2016

Posted on October 18th, 2016

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Our Colony has just held its very own Beaver Sleepover, including Jamboree On The Air, a campfire and a #Beavers30 cake!

Beaver Sleepover

On Friday 14th October, 13 of our Beavers attended a sleepover in our hall. It was the first Beaver sleepover organised for the Colony in quite some time, so we decided to run it as an extension of our regular weekly meeting. This way, we thought it would be well attended and the idea of keeping things simple appealed too!

For 10 of these 13, it was their very first Scouting night away. It was night number 2 for the other 3. Actually, for one brave Beaver it was only their second week in Scouting. They joined last week and signed up for the Beaver Sleepover right away!

Jamboree On The Internet

We had fond memories of JOTI. We took part last year and spoke to 17 countries. As a result, we had high hopes this year. Well, it turned out not to be as good this year. We spoke to Scouts in a few countries, but the flow of conversation was not so good for us. Ah well, we gave it our best shot! Perhaps consider JOTA next year, as Amateur Radio tends to be a bit more structured than the Internet.

Beaver Sleepover – Pitching In

The next task was to pitch the Beavers tents. We wanted to do this before it got too late. We are lucky in that our group owns some Vango Delta 300 tents. These are 3 man dome tents, but they can be pitched inside quite well too.

Beaver Sleepover

The Beavers had a little help from the adults, but they managed to do a lot of the basics themselves. We were really pleased. Even more so the next morning when they helped to strike the tents and put them away properly.

Vango Delta 300 – Pitching Instructions


Beaver Scouts are 30 years old this year. There have been lots of celebrations all year, but we wanted to do our own. We served some cakes, decorated with black and white candles, our group colours.

Beavers Sleepover

#Beavers30 tweets

Beaver Sleepover – Campfire

Beaver Sleepover

We went outside and sat around a campfire. The icing on the Beaver sleepover cake, in my opinion. The ground was a bit wet, but we had some big tarpaulins for the Beavers to sit on. The important thing is that it did not rain!

Beaver Sleepover

We were pleased to invest 2 new Beavers. We also sang some campfire classics like ‘Going On A Bear Hunt’ and ‘Alice The Camel’.

Beaver Sleepover – So To Bed…

Once inside, it was getting late. Time for the Beavers to get ready for bed. Not before a cup of hot chocolate though. We had 1 girls tent and 2 boys tents. The Leaders slept in the room next door. It did take a long time for the Beavers to settle, as they were so excited. That is to be expected on their first Beaver sleepover though.

…And Next Morning

The Beavers all slept until nearly 7am, which we thought was great (and not really surprising). The Leaders swung into action to serve breakfast. Choice of cereals with milk, toast with jam and fresh orange juice. Of course, seconds were available to Beavers who cleared their plates, bowls and cups.

We had time for a few party games before parents arrived. Musical chairs and then musical bumps were accompanied by the hits of 1986 (continuing the #Beavers30 theme). Then it was time to burn off some energy with Dodgeball before home time.

So that is how 2/3 of our Colony earned their very first Scouting night away.

Could we just take this opportunity to thank again all the adults that helped to organise and run the Beaver sleepover, but more importantly the Beavers themselves for making it such a success.

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