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Beaver Badges And Awards

Beaver Badges And Awards

Just like the older sections in Scouting, Beavers have plenty of opportunities to earn badges and awards. It is important to remember that Beaver badges are not the be all and end all of Scouting, but they show that a Beavers has done a number of tasks to a good standard.  This links to some important parts of the Scout method, to make progress and also to take part in a variety of activities. Not only that, but we know how much Beavers love to earn them!

There are several types of Beaver badges, which are shown below.

Chief Scouts Bronze Award

Beaver badges - CSBA
This is the highest award that Beavers can attain. It is the most prestigious of the Beaver badges. It represents 2 years of effort and commitment. It is earned by completing all of the Challenge Awards, and 4 or more activity badges or staged activity badges.

Beavers who complete this award should be rightly proud of their achievement, and are also presented a special certificate at a District ceremony.


Challenge Awards

Beaver badges - Challenge Awards
Challenge awards for the core of the Scouting programme.  It is these that give the bulk of the work towards the Chief Scouts Bronze Award.

We usually complete these as part of the Colony programme.


Activity Badges

Activity Beaver badges cover a large range of, errm, activities.  They can be completed on their own, but are also a great next step if a Beaver has particularly enjoyed an aspect of a challenge award.

In order to receive the Chief Scouts Bronze Award, a Beaver must complete four or more activity badges (or staged badges, see below) in addition to completing all the challenge awards (see above).

See here for a list of all available activity badges.

Staged Activity Badges

Staged badges are similar to activity badges. However, at the same time they are quite different. This is because each badge is either kept as a counter (for example the number of nights away at camps or sleepovers a Beaver has had) or that they signify that the Beaver has completed one or more groups of requirements that build on each other.

It is this progressive achievement that means that each staged badge can be carried through each of the sections.

Staged badges also count towards the Chief Scouts Bronze Award (see above).

See here for a list of all available staged badges.

Other Badges

You will sometimes come across a huge number of fun or commemorative badges.  We ask that these are not worn on uniform, but perhaps sewn onto a camp blanket.

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The one exception to this is what are known as Occasional Badges. These are issued at the instruction of the County Commissioner, and often may only be worn for a certain time.

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 Should We Work On Badges At Home?

We tend to complete the challenge awards within the Colony, as they link very closely to our programme themes and methods. We also occasionally work on activity badges etc. However, we encourage Beavers to complete activity badges (although there are some that need work within the Colony) themselves if they are interested in a given badge. This allows them to express their individuality and to be rewarded for their own efforts.

We just ask that Beavers tell us first, so that we can offer as much support as possible and discuss what evidence will need to be presented.  We also ask that Beavers do not try to rush through badges (as tempting as that may be), but concentrate on really learning and developing their skills. One per half-term is a good balance, although we are fairly flexible too.

Does It Matter Where Badges Are Sewn?

In order for the uniform to remain consistent for all our Beavers, we ask that badges are sewn on to the correct area on a uniform jumper.  These are shown in this diagram.

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