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Beaver Activity Badges

We would really like our Beavers to show their individuality by working towards the activity badges that interest them.

Can Beavers Earn Activity Badges Themselves?

Yes indeed. All they have to do is ask!

While it is true that some activity badges (especially the staged ones, aka the blue ones) require Beavers to work together in the Colony, there are many other activity badges that they can earn themselves.

We tend to focus on Challenge Badges with the Colony, which in turn count towards the Chief Scouts Bronze Award (CSBA). However, another requirement of the CSBA is to obtain 4 activity badges.

We work on some of these as a Colony, but we would really like to see the Beavers express their own interests and individuality by working towards the badges that interest them personally away from the Colony.

A list of badges is shown below. Please, ask your child to tell us about the badges that they are interested in working on, and we will support them in any way that we can.

Activity Badges

Animal Friend

Activity badges - Animal Friend

Do you have a pet?

Tell us all about it and show us how you take care of it.

Requirements here.



Camp Craft

Activity badges - Camp Craft

Enjoy the Outdoor life? Learn some basic camp skills and put them into practice.

Please note that this badge requires an organised Colony visit to a Cub or Scout camp, but this can probably be arranged.

Requirements here.



Activity badges - Collector

Do you enjoy collecting things? Is there something you are interested in that you could collect?

Requirements here.




Activity badges - CommunicatorBack when I was young (about 400 years ago) an actor called Bob Hoskins used to say “It’s good to talk”. Find out about all the ways we can talk to each other.

Requirements here.





Activity badges - CookAre you a bit of a kitchen wizard? Can you cook up a storm? Show us your skills!

Requirements here.





Activity badges - CreativeLet your creative muse flow with this badge. Plenty of crafty opportunities to explore and make.

Please note that this badge requires performing with other Beavers, but this can probably be arranged. Failing that, a school or drama club performance would be great too.

Requirements here.



Activity badges - CyclistTwo wheels good, four wheels bad. Well, maybe not but it is great fun to get out and about on your bike. Show us how you do so safely.

Requirements here.




Disability Awareness

Activity badges - Disability AwarenessDid you know that making a few simple changes here and there can really help people with different types of disability?

Requirements here.





Activity badges - ExperimentAre you a budding Flemming, Dunlop or Bessemer? Get started with this badge.

Requirements here.





Activity badges - ExploreDo you love to visit new places and really suss them out? This badge is a good opportunity to tell us all about a new place.

Requirements here.





Activity badges - FaithOne of the great things about Scouting nowadays is that is welcomes those of any faith and also those without a faith of their own. Regardless of whether you have a faith, you can learn about that of others with this badge.

Requirements here.




Activity badges - GardenerDo you have green fingers? Figure of speech, obviously (although some Beavers might after being outside and getting mucky.) If you enjoy the natural world or growing your own food and flowers, this badge is for you.

Requirements here.



Global Issues

Activity badges - Global IssuesAre you interested in current affairs or things that affect people in other parts of the world today? You can find out more about them with this badge.

Requirements here.




Health and Fitness

Activity badges - Healthe and FitnessDo you like to keep yourself in shape? Do you eat healthily? This badge encourages you to try new things and find out more about exercise and foods that are good for you.

Requirements here.




Activity badges - HobbiesDo you have an interesting hobby (apart from Beavers of course?) Would you like to try something new? Show us your hobby with this badge.

Please note that while most activity badges can only be earned once (well, technically), this badge can be earned for each hobby that the Beaver has.

Requirements here.



Activity badges - InternationalAre you a citizen of the world? This badge is all about finding out about other countries and cultures. If you can find out a bit about Scouting in those countries, so much the better.

Requirements here.




Activity badges - PhotographerSnap happy? Show us some of your best shots and learn some new skills with this badge.

Requirements here.





Activity badges - SafetySafety is something we always take seriously as Leaders. Of course, we don’t expect the Beavers to start risk assessing everything, but its not a bad idea for them to learn to think about some of the basics of keeping themselves and others safe.

Requirements here.




Activity badges - SpaceHave you been inspired by ‘Major Tim’ Peake? Fancy following in his footsteps, or even boldly going where no Beaver has gone before? Well, we cant promise that, but this badge would be a good place to start.

Requirements here.




Activity badges - SportsDo you have a sport that you enjoy actually taking part in? Would you like to try a new sport? This is the badge for you.

Requirements here.




Where Do I Sew Activity Badges?

Each of these badges should be worn on the left sleeve of the Beaver uniform sweatshirt. Once the |Beaver moves on to Cubs, they can still be worn with pride on a camp blanket (but not the Cub uniform!)

If you are interested in badges that can be worn throughout your time in Scouting, and earned in stages, have a look at Staged Activity Badges.

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