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Staged Activity Badges

Staged Activity Badges

Staged activity badges allow Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to develop skills and experience in such a way that they can build on previous experience to move forward. When you move up to the next section (such as from Beavers to Cubs or Cubs to Scouts), you should sew any of these badges onto your new uniform.

It is worth mentioning that, while some of these badges can be done at home, there are quite a lot that need to be completed as part of the Colony, Pack or Troop. Also, the nature of some of these badges means that they are perhaps more suited to Scouts and Explorers than to Beavers and perhaps Cubs.

Having said that, if you are interested in any staged activity badges, please ask your Leader.

Want to see some activity badges that are not staged? Check out the Beavers activity badges.

‘Level’ Staged Activity Badges

These staged activity badges have specific requirements, just like normal activity badges. However, once a given level has been earned, the Scout can attempt the next level if they wish. This will entail a new set of requirements, and will generally be up to a maximum of level 5.

Air Activities

Staged activity badges - Air ActivitiesInterested in aircraft and flying? Find out more about it with this badge.

Requirements here.



Community Impact

Staged activity badges - Community ImpactScouting has always been about helping people. Make a difference in your community here.

Requirements here.




Digital Citizen

Staged activity badges - Digital CitizenLike computers and devices? Show off your skills with this badge.

Requirements here.




Digital Maker

Staged activity badges - Digital MakerAre you the next Steve Jobs? Get creative and build stuff.

Requirements here.




Emergency Aid

Staged activity badges - Emergency AidBasic first aid is something every Scout should know (and by this I mean Beavers and Cubs too.) Start learning how to help people in need here.

Requirements here.





Staged activity badges - MusicianAre you talented with an instrument? Entertain us and earn this badge.

Requirements here.




Nautical Skills

Staged activity badges - Nautical SkillsThis badge is for the salty sea dogs among us.

Requirements here.





Staged activity badges - NavigatorLearn and develop skills with a map and compass, as well as how and when to use them.

Requirements here.




Paddle Sports

Staged activity badges - Paddle SportsLike canoeing and/or kayaking? Get involved with this badge.

Requirements here.





Staged activity badges - SailingFancy learning to handle a sailing dinghy?

Requirements here.





Staged activity badges - SwimmerDo you take swimming lessons, or enjoy water movement techniques?

Requirements here.




‘Counter’ Staged Activity Badges

These staged activity badges are slightly different in that they do not have specific requirements. Its all about participation. Each had specific ‘levels’ to reflect the number of times a Scout has taken part.

Nights Away

Staged activity badges - Nights AwayCamps, sleepovers and other residential experiences (including trips abroad) have always been a big part of Scouting.

Requirements here.




Hikes Away

Staged activity badges - Hikes AwayGet some fresh air and exercise with other Scouts. It will do you good, honest!

Requirements here.




Time On The Water

Staged activity badges - Time on the WaterIf you have taken part in any water activities, you should be eligible for this badge.

Requirements here.

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