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Beavers Programme

Welcome to the Beavers programme page. Here, you will find links to the programmes and activities that we plan.

Beavers programme

In publishing this page, the hope is that this will keep everybody informed about what to expect, especially if we need to meet on a different night, at a different time and/or at a different place for a given activity.

More than that though, we would really like to have some good communication with our Beaver Scouts and their parents. We would especially like to invite any opinions, suggestions or general feedback. This is simply so we know whether we are providing the kind of experience that our Beaver Scouts really want. Please tell us what you think about our Beavers programme. Come to think of it, please come and chat to us about anything you like, especially if its about Scouting. This is great face to face, but text, email, Facebook and this website are all great too.

We want the Beavers to have lots of fun and make friends. We also want them to learn new skills and gain confidence. Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell once said ‘leave the world a bit better than you found it’. We think that’s a good idea. We want to give the Beavers some┬áchances to do just that.

We want our Beavers programme (and the whole Colony) to be the best in Pudsey!

Beavers Programme

Please follow the links below to find information about the programmes that we currently have planned:

Archived Programmes

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To find out more about the Beavers programme at national level, please click here.

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