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Den Building & Pond Dipping

Posted on July 1st, 2016

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The Beavers have just had a great evening den building and pond dipping in the woods at Woodhall Lake.

Numbers wise, this was just right for splitting into two bases.

Den Building

We knew that sooner or later, we would start using Woodhall Lake for some ‘Beaver Bushcraft’. Well, we had no fewer than 11 budding Ray Mears apprentices itching to head into the woods for den building tonight!

Now, having done a recce of the woods the previous week, it was obvious that there are not too many branches on the ground at this time of year in deciduous woodland. Luckily, the group has some really good pioneering kit, so we took the opportunity to use this instead. We would not have wanted anyone to start pulling live branches off trees!

Den building

So, the Beavers got creative with poles, staves, ropes and tarpaulins. I have to say that all the Leaders were impressed with the results (as were a few passers by). I for one would have been happy to bivouac in either of tonight’s shelters.

Den building

Rabbit and Squirrel admire some of the den building

As you can see in the pictures, we all had a lot of fun. And that, folks, is a big part of what Scouting is all about!

Fancy trying den building yourself? has some good ideas of where to start. Even if it’s only in the garden.

Pond Dipping

As well as the den building, the Beavers spent time pond dipping in Woodhall Lake. Now it seems that the lake is not exactly teeming with pond life right now, so the wildlife was limited. This did not stop them enjoying being out in the fresh air though.

Credit has to go to one of the Beavers who managed to land an old coconut. This was promptly named Terrence by the girl in question (and later subtly disposed of by one of the Leaders).

Great Scouting, Beavers. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we Leaders did.

Next Week

Next week, we plan to meet back at the church hall as usual. We hope to learn a bit about some of the animals that can be found in this area. See you all there!

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