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Disability Awareness – Beavers

Posted on March 12th, 2017

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Over the last couple of weeks, our Beavers have been working on the Disability Awareness badge.

Disability Awareness Badge

The Disability Awareness badge is intended to get the Beavers thinking about some of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Also, they are encouraged to consider some of the reasonable changes we can make to help with accessibility. It basically consists of four parts…

Disability Awareness

The Beavers consider what we mean by the word ‘disability’. They think about some of the different types of disability affecting people.

Physical Awareness

The Beavers consider the issues experienced by people with physical and movement difficulties. They think about accessibility and we can make sure that we are open to all.

Sight Awareness

The Beavers consider people who are blind or partially sighted.

Hearing Awareness

The Beavers think about how we use our hearing and what we might do if we could not hear clearly.

So What Did They Do?

We split this badge over 2 weeks. Initially, we spent time thinking about the physical accessibility of our hall (including the fire exits, toilets and car park). We learned how to finger spell our names and a short message in Makaton and how if one of our senses is removed the others need to work extra hard. Finally, we talked about ‘invisible disabilities’, giving the example of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad as someone who has been very successful despite struggling with Dyslexia.

The Beavers were asked to find out about an invisible disability during the week.

The following week, we thought about Dyspraxia and how it can cause people difficulties with communication, as well as physical and dexterity problems. Again, we considered how our senses can help each other if one is removed (Chinese Whispers, we also asked the Beavers to draw something as described by a partner).

The 2 things we can take from this are that, firstly, we can make a real difference by simply thinking about small adjustments, and secondly that we should never take anything for granted.

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