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Leader training – Module 12A/12B

Posted on March 4th, 2017

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Central Yorkshire Scout County recently ran a leader training course covering modules 12A and 12B. Our group was represented.

Leader Training

The leader training scheme is designed to help adults in Scouting perform their roles as effectively as possible. It consists of a modular programme involving learning, practical exercises and validation by qualified assessors.

leader training - entrance

Section Leaders (such as Scout, Cub and Beaver Leaders) and their assistants undertake leader training consisting of 19 modules. These cover everything from the fundamentals of Scouting to promoting positive behaviour and first aid. Most aim to complete this in around 3 years (it’s very much part time of course).

The type of learning available varies from module to module, but can include training courses, small groups, one to one sessions, prior experience being recognised, workbooks and online learning. The latter 2are available for over half of the modules and can be carried out at home as time allows.

Once an adult has validated all their modules, they receive the famous ‘wood badge’. This is actually a set of wooden beads on a leather string that is worn around the neck, and is recognised worldwide as a symbol of having completed leader training. They are also described as being a member of 1st Gilwell Scout Group.

Leader training - John Briggs Centre

The course was delivered in the John Briggs Centre, part of Central Yorkshire’s county campsite and activity complex near Bramhope, Leeds.

Module 12A – Delivering A Quality Programme

Module 12A deals with what makes a good quality programme. We looked at what themes and methods are available to us as Leaders, and how we should strive to find a balanced mixture that is exciting, age appropriate and above all safe.

Particular emphasis was placed on supervision ratios. After all, it is often this which determines the activities that we can run and is why we are constantly on the lookout for more adult volunteers.

We considered the awards that youth members work towards and sources of inspiration and development that we can use to work towards these.

Leader training - 12A

We also looked at youth engagement and how we can involve youth members in the planning process.

Module 12B – Programme Planning

Module 12B builds upon the previous module to give a solid understanding of the steps we as Leaders should take in order to actually plan and prepare a good programme.

Leader training - module 12B

This involves long (year), medium (3 months) and short (1 month) term planning, and how properly documenting our planning can lead to better delivery. We considered why every individual activity must have a single point of responsibity, and how we can lay out our planning to make sure that everything is suitable for the circumstances and a balanced range of activities is provided.

We also learned about the importance of reviewing our past plans and some tools to help us do this.

I would like to thank the Central Yorkshire Scouts training team for an excellent course that has given me a number of tools and ideas for the future.

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