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Local Animals – Beaver Meeting

Posted on July 8th, 2016

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Our Beavers have just spent an evening learning about some of the local animals that we might find.

Local Animals

There are loads of different local animals that can be found in and around Pudsey. We wanted to find out more about them. This was for the Outdoor Challenge Award.

Local animals


We started with a game of Corners. The four corners of the room were named after local animals. These were Cat, Spider, Slug and Dog.

We played Sleeping Lions later on. Admittedly Lions are not local animals, but they are still animals!

Local Animals Activity

We split the Beavers up into 4 teams. Each team had some pictures of (mostly) local animals. They also had some information about the animals class, where it lives and what it eats. The aim was to match up all of these on another sheet.

I think we all learned a thing or two from this. It gave the Beavers a good chance to be a bit creative about presenting their answers. It also encouraged them to work as a team. After a fashion, anyway!

Hopefully it will encourage the Beavers to get out and learn a bit about our environment here in Pudsey.

Next Week

This was a ‘learning’ evening and last week was a ‘doing’ evening. Next week we will have a ‘making’ evening.

One of the requirements of the Outdoor Challenge award is to make something to help animals in the wild. We have decided to make bird boxes that the Beavers can hang in their garden. There is a twist though. One of the requirements of the Skills Challenge award is to complete 2 problem solving missions. The bird box kits slot together easily, but we hope to encourage the Beavers to work together to figure out how to do this themselves. We will only help if they really want us to. The instructions are a last resort (although we Leaders might need them ourselves!)

See you all next week, Beavers!

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