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Sundials – Beavers Meeting

Posted on May 26th, 2017

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Our Beavers recently took advantage of the good weather and got outside to make their own sundials. How did they do it? Read on…


We thought that the weather had been so nice recently, we just had to get outside. The question though was what to do? Well, it’s certainly sunny, so why don’t we get the Beavers to make their own sundials!


We had originally planned to try something simple such as mounting a wooden skewer in the base and marking it at known times. This didn’t seem so much fun though, so the web was trawled. A quick search of Google revealed a perfect template to make fairly complete sundials fairly easily. So, after some cutting and folding, the Beavers were left with fully working sundials. Between the hours of 6am and 6pm, at least.

Finding North

Sundials only work if they are properly aligned with north. Really, this should be true or grid north, but that’s not always easy. So, we decided to show the Beavers how to find magnetic north using a compass.

To do this, you simply turn the bezel until the direction you want lines up with the big arrow at the top of the compass base. Then, holding the compass in front of you, turn yourself until the red half of the needle covers the arrow outline underneath it.

The Beavers all had a turn at this, and managed very well.

A New Beaver

We were delighted to welcome a new Beaver and his parents to our fold tonight. Well done S, we hope that your time in Scouting will be a lot of fun.

Please Remember

At the start of next term, we will be switching to half sternly subs, payable at the first meeting of each half term. This will allow us to get the collection of subs and subsequent accounting and banking out of the way, and we can focus more on the Beavers. The cost will remain the same at the equivalent of just £2 per meeting.

We would ask that full uniform is worn to meetings whenever possible. If it is hot, we will remove sweatshirts after flag break until it is time for flag down. Please ensure that neckers and the correct colour woggles for the Beavers lodge are worn at the very least.

We have had a request from District to ask people to check that badges are sewn on in the correct places. There is a clear and up to date diagram on this group’s Beaver page. I won’t steal the image (A Scout is to be trusted) but please take a look.

See you soon!

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