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Wide Game @ Sunnybank Meadow

Posted on June 24th, 2016

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Our Beavers have just had a great meeting playing a wide game or two at a local ‘green space’.

The event page for this meeting can be found here.

A Wide Game? What’s that?

As usual, Wikipedia gives us a good idea of what makes a wide game.

A wide game can be thought of as any game that is played outdoors over a fairly large area. They do tend to be team based and perhaps quite physical. This is not always the case though. They are a traditional part of Scouting, because they can be quite adventurous. They also encourage teamwork and friendly competition.

Here is a Scouting factsheet about what makes a wide game and why we might play it.

Ice & Sun

Wide game

This is a take on the classic ‘stuck in the mud’ tig. One player is ice, and if they tig someone they become frozen to the spot. It then takes another player who is the sun to defrost them. No real scoring. Its informal. Just remember to change the ice and sun players every so ofren.

Caber Tossing

This has to be the most random wide game we could play. Using a Beaver sized caber (a roll of wallpaper), the Beavers took ruins to toss it properly as far as they could. You may wonder why we did this. Well, the My World Challenge award requires that the Beavers take part in some activities from around the UK. This was one of them.

Capture the Flag

Wide game

No, not the film. This is a classic Scouting wide game. The Beavers were split into two teams with a flag at each end of the field. The aim was to steal the other teams flag and return it to their end of the field while defending their own flag. If a defending player tags an offensive player, that player must drop the flag and spend a few seconds in the ‘jail’ area in the center of the field.

The Beavers loved this wide game. They worked well as teams and employed simple tactics. Perfect! They discovered the ability to pass the flags and compete for them in (gentle) rucks. It really was like watching Rugby Union.

More about this wide game can be found here.


To finish off, we led the Beavers a fair way into the nearby woodland. We had some old phones (no sim cards of course) that had been pre-programmed with the location of a local geocache. We split the Beavers into groups, each with a phone to act as a GPS, and let them find their own way to the cache, a few minutes apart.

A few of the Beavers had already visited this cache previously, but they didn’t let on. Fun and games ensued as they searched for the cache, which was coincidentally near where parents would be arriving to pick up….

More about geocaching.

Next Week

Next week, we will be meeting at Woodhall Lake. We hope to try building some simple shelters, although this does depend on what is on the ground at this time of year. We will also try some nature craft and pond dipping.

Click here for more details and a map of where to meet.

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